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….where the focus is on the practice of Family Law. Whether you are facing decision related to divorce, custody, parentage (i.e. paternity), support, parenting time (i.e. visitation) related adoption, enforcement of agreements or orders, or other issues of family law, you will find a caring, competent advocate in Carol Hill, who will work with you to help you understand what you can expect, both during divorce or family law proceedings and after. By understanding your rights and the process, you will be better prepared to address your future goals. Since 1993, Carol Hill has been a family law attorney, mediator and collaborative law practitioner practicing in McHenry County. 

At the Law Office of Carol Hill, we pride ourselves in making the client’s experience our top priority by providing exceptional legal counsel in the most efficient and professional manner as is possible. With twenty years of experience dedicated to Family Law, Carol Hill will work hard along with you to obtain the best possible result for you and your family.


As a skilled litigator, Carol Hill is experienced in the traditional couples divorce process and has training in collaborative divorce and mediation.  Read more


Less costly, time consuming and emotionally damaging than the traditional divorce process. It allows you to have more control over how your divorce will be handled and the ultimate resolution. Read more


The mediation process is specifically designed to create an environment for healthy, constructive decision-making during a difficult time, whether it is the dissolution of your marriage, the break-up of a relationship with children involved or the need to amend prior agreements. Read more


Not married but have children? Your respective rights and responsibilities may need to be determined. Mutually beneficial agreements that result in a fair outcome, are particularly important in parentage, i.e. paternity actions. Read more


For those with the financial means to retain an attorney, the divorce process can be daunting. For those without those means, it can seem impossible. The difficulties involved in preparing proper documents or getting your evidence before the court may make your efforts to represent yourself fruitless.. Read more